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The Armory Card

Are you age 35 or younger? Then it’s time to get The Armory Card! For only $100 you get a card worth five tickets to use however you want. That’s $20 a ticket to see any play at any time. Plus, The Armory Card gives you other sweet perks like in-theater drink discounts and a whole lot more.

How It Works

  1. Buy The Armory Card for just $100 online, call 503-445-3700 or visit us in person and we’ll hook you up.
  2. Use your five tickets however you like. Book five tickets to one show, or book one ticket to five shows. When you want to see a show just text, email or call us.
  3. Your tickets will be available at Will Call on the day of the show. All you have to do is show The Armory Card and your ID.

Buy The Armory Card

The Armory Card FAQ

What is the age limit for The Armory Card?

Anyone age 35 or younger can purchase The Armory Card, but your guests can be any age!

Can I use the card to see any show at Portland Center Stage at The Armory?

The Armory Card credit never expires! Catch any show in our regular season whenever you’d like, even if it’s in our next season.

Can I bring friends?

Absolutely! Feel free to use your tickets to bring your friends to the theater – you can even bring four friends to see one show.

What are my perks?

Enjoy discounts on drinks at The Armory Bar, special events and workshops. And you’ll get free admission at select events. Need to change your dates? No problem. We’ll change them at no charge. You’ll even get your own personal concierge!

Is there a payment plan?

Yep! You can split the $100 payment into four months at $25 a month.

What happens when I’ve used all five tickets?

Recharge your card – just text, call or email your Patron Services Representative and you’ll get another round of five tickets for $100.

Can I give The Armory Card as a gift?

You know it! Buy the card online, in person or call us at 503-445-3700. The Armory Card will be mailed to you or the gift recipient. When your gift recipient picks up their tickets to see a show, we will verify their age.