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While our building is closed, you can still renew subscriptions for the 2020-2021 season and make donations online. If you are able, gifts of any size are incredibly meaningful right now. If you had tickets to a canceled production, please visit this page.

Student Matinees FAQ

We would be happy to mail or hold your tickets at will call. Just let us know your preference. We do ask when possible, that you distribute the tickets to your students before the group enters the theater.

A packed house is always a better experience for the performers and the audience, so please let us know as soon as possible about any tickets you may not need by emailing This allows us to release them to our wait-list or for resale so everyone gets to enjoy the show and so we don’t lose out on any potential income. We’re very happy to reserve additional seats even at the last minute so please let us know if your group size increases.

We recommend a 10:1 ratio of students to chaperones but understand every group has different needs so do let us know if we can assist in your planning.

We recommend that you plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to showtime. Our Thursday matinees begin at 11 a.m. and we suggest building a little extra travel time in case of unexpected traffic or bridge closures.

Yes, although space at The Armory is sometimes limited or unavailable, so please contact us at in advance so we can reserve a location and set up tables for lunch at intermission or after the show. If you plan on having students buy food here at the theater please contact in advance so we can meet your needs. Keep in mind backpacks and bags should be left on the bus and not brought into the theater during the performance.

Portland Center Stage at The Armory is located at NW Eleventh Avenue at Davis Street. Due to current construction on our block of Davis Street, the best place to de-board is between 11th and 12th Avenue on Davis from the west heading east.

  • Q&As: 20 minute discussions with the cast and crew immediately after every Thursday matinee.
  • Prologues: Brief lectures from 6:55-7:10pm preceding Tues-Fri main stage shows.
  • Workshops: Interactive explorations of select plays, at your school or here at The Armory.
  • Tours: Explore the Armory before the show to peek backstage and learn about our LEED certified renovation.
  • Resource Guides: Available to download for each production.
  • Live response is good! If you’re telling a story to a friend, and they really respond or listen, it makes you want to tell the story better—to keep telling the story. So, the better an audience listens, laughs and responds, the more the actors want to tell the story. In this way, the audience (as well as the actors) can make a performance great.
  • The actors can hear you talking. If an audience member is not paying attention, the actors know it. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and felt that they’d rather be someplace else? This is the EXACT feeling actors get when people in the audience are talking.
  • The actors can see you. Even though the actors are pretending to be other characters, it is their job to “check in” with the audience in order to tell the story better. This is another way in which theater greatly differs from the movies. Film actors can do a take over and over to try to get it right. Theater actors have one chance with an audience and want to make sure they are communicating clearly. Imagine trying to tell a group of fellow students something only to see them slouching, pretending to be bored, or sitting with their eyes closed in an attempt to seem disinterested and “too cool” for what you had to say. Think about it.
  • No cell phones, candy wrappers, gum, etc. Please turn off all cell phones and put th em away. Do not eat or chew gum inside the theater. These things disturb the people around you as well as the actors. As much as you might be tempted to text a friend how cool the play you're watching is, please wait until after it is over to send any texts.
  • Be mindful of other patrons, both in the theater and in the lobbies. Please don't run in the lobby area, and help us take care of our elderly patrons by opening a door for them or helping them get by. They will be so appreciative! Keep in mind that Portland Center Stage at The Armory is welcoming you into our home on this field trip. Please treat our home with respect.

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