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Lawrence E. Moten III Artist

A full-color scale model of the scenic design for Gem of the Ocean, with scale-sized figures of people in the exposed interior of a house.

The Century Cycle

Beginning in 1904 with Gem of the Ocean and ending in 1997 with Radio Golf, August Wilson's 10-play American Century Cycle charts the lived experience of African Americans throughout the 20th century. Learn more about each of these plays and their connection to one another. 

The title "August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean" in blue and white above a photo of a man surrounded by water and blue light, hand outstretched

August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean

March 5 – April 3, 2022

An iconic story of freedom, justice, and salvation from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Fences. Pittsburgh, 1904: Amidst boiling racial tensions, Citizen Barlow arrives at the home of Aunt Ester, a 285-year-old healer, who helps him seek redemption from a mistake that’s cost another man his life. Aunt Ester sends Citizen on a powerful, mystical journey to the City of Bones in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean — where he must understand the past in order to forge his own future.

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