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Black Women for P.E.A.C.E. 2017 Festival

Posted 12 June 2017

Black Women for Peace is a nonprofit built on the idea of building bridges, as it serves to promote P.E.A.C.E., one individual at a time. Using the performing arts as a tool to bridge gaps of background, class, and belief, Black Women for Peace seeks to inspire social change.

Join Black Women for Peace in a celebration of those bridges with a one-night-only festival of singing, dancing, reading and other performances by 25 young women and men the organization works with to inspire and encourage.

Tickets are $5 for Children and $10 for Adults, available at the door.

The Mission

Please join us as we encourage and inspire the next generation to:

P: Protect the liberties of others as well as their own.

E: Educate themselves to be their very best.

A: Actively listen to others in an effort to understand, not judge.

C: Choose to give grace when they have the opportunity to take offence.

E: Extend themselves to others and expect nothing in return.

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