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Art Exhibit: ¡Soy Yo! by Mika Martinez

Event Details
March 6 – April 30, 2024
The Armory: PGE Gallery

¡Soy Yo!, is a multi-media project, created by Mika Martinez, that examines and celebrates Latinx identity. Created in partnership with the historic Heathman Hotel, the series features more than 50 portraits of the Hispanic/Latino community in Portland. The collection of images is a visual reminder that there’s no one way to be Latinx.

This gallery exhibit will be on display in the PGE Gallery Lobby and will be on view daily through April 30, 2024. 

Featured artist Mika Martinez will be in attendance for an artist talk about the exhibit during March First Thursday from 5:00 - 7:00 PM.

Meet Mika Martinez
Meet Mika Martinez

Have you ever tried to fit yourself into a box? I bet, despite trying your best to fit you were left feeling uncomfortable. My name is Mika Martinez, and I am a facilitator of memories and a creator of experiences. I’m a visual storyteller using photography to transform ideas of possibility. And truth be told, fitting into a box is something that I’ve never been good at.

I spent years trying to conform to ideas of who I needed to be by shaping my identity to fit the kind of person society found acceptable. I worked so hard to be considered a 'real' photographer', an idea formed from being told that a formal education was the only way to success. I knew that I had to start somewhere so, I began my career as the picture lady for schools. 

Mika Martinez Website

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