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Come Home to Your Body: Movement Class for Adults with Dr. Montserrat Andreys

Event Details
Friday, November 20, 2020
6 p.m. – 9 p.m. PST
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Online (Zoom)
We're sorry, this event has been canceled.
Due to recent COVID-19 restrictions for Multnomah County, this class has been cancelled.

Join Dr. Montserrat Andreys, Founder of HEART Healthcare For Artists, for the Fall edition of this workshop on decreasing aches and pains, while inviting healthy movement back into your day.

Learn to manage your aches and pains by learning self-massage techniques, stretches and strengthening that you can do at home with no specialty equipment.

No experience necessary. Open to all skill levels.

Recommended Supplies

Items to have handy during the workshop: a large towel, pillow, belt/strap, broom or stick, spoon, coconut oil/lotion, pen and paper.

*Items to have handy during the workshop: a large towel, pillow, belt/strap, broom or stick, spoon, coconut oil/lotion, pen and paper.

What to Expect:

30 min: First, we will check in and discuss what your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and nutritional experience has been during the pandemic and the current social justice movement #blacklivesmatter. What aches and pains have settled in your body that you would like to learn to manage in the workshop?

10 min: Meditation to ground us into the virtual space and our bodies.

90 min: A self-massage, stretching, strengthening routine developed based on your needs, adapted from a dynamic framework that's already been developed.

20 min: We'll close with a breathing exercise and sharing about your experiences with the workshop.

About Dr. Montserrat Andreys
About Dr. Montserrat Andreys

Dr. Montserrat Andreys is the founder of HEART healthcare for artists (IG/FB). She is a sports medicine chiropractor that has dedicated her practice to serving the arts community. She uses the knowledge of treating repetitive stress, acute, and chronic injuries to help artists heal. "There are so many tools available in sports medicine that can keep artists healthy and help them prevent or recover from injury, they just don't know about them!" She shares her knowledge through social media, workshops, panel discussions, interviews and her work at the clinic.

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