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"Mojada" Playwright and Director Interview

October 20, 2017

​"Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles" playwright Luis Alfaro and director Juliette Carrillo talk about working together and the meaning of the word "mojada."​​

The title of the play is based on the Spanish word mojado/a, which translates literally as “wet” and is also a slur akin to “wetback” for Mexican immigrants. In using the word for the title of his play, Luis Alfaro said, “It’s a word that has existed in my vernacular since I was little, so it’s a word that for me, has a lot of resonance and a lot of power ... I wanted to disarm that word, I wanted the word to re-appropriate itself, I wanted for us to own the word, and see how ugly that word is, and also give it new meaning.”

“The reason I adapt the Greeks is to re-interpret them to say something important about the time we’re in right now,” said Luis Alfaro. “In this case, it’s the ongoing immigration debate in this country. Medea embodies the immigrant experience. What is the price we pay when we come to a new country?” he continued. “[Medea] is a whole class of people — extraordinary people who work very, very hard to hold on to who they are as they navigate the waters of immigrating to America. The experience of trying to make it, to fit in, is a universally American experience.” 

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