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Hey there, time traveler! Thanks for coming! Please enjoy, but be aware that the entry below is getting on in years and might have some out-of-date info or links. Be sure to visit our home page for the latest news and events at PCS.
(L) Medea (Sabina Zuniga Varela) holds her son Acan (Jahnangel Jimenez) close. (R) Armida (Vilma Silva) gives a final ultimatum to Medea (Sabina Zuniga Varela) an Tita (VIVIS) looks on.
(L) Medea (Sabina Zuniga Varela) holds her son Acan (Jahnangel Jimenez) close. (R) Armida (Vilma Silva) gives a final ultimatum to Medea (Sabina Zuniga Varela) an Tita (VIVIS) looks on.

Additional Resources: "Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles"

Before seeing/reading the play: 

  • Research the meaning of the Spanish word “Mojado/a” and its evolution. Why does playwright Alfaro choose this for the name of the play? These and other websites provide information:  Definitions
  • Research the laughing falcon referred to in the play as
    el guaco.
    Symbolically, what does a snake-eating bird represent to indigenous Mexican culture? What mythical and healing properties are attributed to el guaco? The History of Ophiophagy Behavior in Animals
  •  Research U.S. sentiment on multiculturalism versus assimilation. According to these philosophies, what sacrifices, if any, do immigrants need to make to live and thrive in America? Multiculturalism VS. Assimilation

Join us at The Armory for our Immigration Symposium with Catholic Charities on November 19th: 

Join a panel of diverse community leaders who will engage participants in dialogue, reflection and inspiration in facilitated round tables to address the ongoing need for individuals and communities to be advocates for the needs of their communities. Featuring a keynote address by Oregon's Attorney General, Ellen F. Rosenblum.

More information and RSVP for your free ticket here. 

After seeing/reading the play

  • Refer to your research on Aristotle’s definition of a tragic hero. To what extent does Medea fit the definition? What is her tragic flaw? What does Medea learn from her journey? What does the audience learn from her journey? 
  • At the beginning of the play, Tita says that being in the United States is Jason’s dream. What is his dream? How do Medea and Acan fit into his dream? What is Medea’s dream? 
  • Refer to your research on multiculturalism vs. assimilation. Which characters are able to assimilate to living in the United States? What are the benefits for those characters of being able to assimilate? Which characters are not able to? What is the cost of their inability to assimilate? Which characters are able to be in the United States and still maintain their native culture?
  •  In what ways are Medea and her family in exile? How does immigration and specifically the idea of exile help the audience understand Medea’s journey in the play?

Pier Paolo Pasolini's 1969 Medea, starring Maria Callas

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