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Photos: "Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles"

Mojada Banner 750
Medea (Sabina Zuniga Varela, center) holds banana leaves up to the sky as she whispers a prayer. Tita (VIVIS, left), and Josefina (Nancy Rodriguez, left) look on.
Mojada Photo004 750
Medea (Sabina Zuniga Varela) looks at the night sky with her son Acan (Jahnangel Jimenez).
Mojada Photo0157 750
The group (left to right, Nancy Rodriguez, VIVIS, Sabina Zuniga Varela, Jahnangel Jimenez, Lakin Valdez) reenacts the arduous crossing of the desert from Mexico to the United States.
Mojada Photo2049 750
Josefina (Nancy Rodriguez, left) shares a happy moment with Tita (VIVIS).
Mojada Photo0174And2088 750
(L) Medea (Sabina Zuniga Varela) and her husband Jason (Lakin Valdez) try to be intimate but a past episode haunts Medea. (R) Jason (Lakin Valdez) will do anything to ensure a bright future in America for his son Acan (Jahnangel Jimenez).
Mojada Photo2106 750
Armida (Vilma Silva) embraces Acan (Jahnangel Jimenez), much to the chagrin of Medea (Sabina Zuniga Varela. left) and Tita (VIVIS).
Mojada Photo2196 750
Jason’s boss Armida (Vilma Silva, on table) pays a visit to the home of Medea (Sabina Zuniga Varela, right) and Tita (VIVIS).
Mojada Photo2073 750
Tita (VIVIS, right) convinces Josefina (Nancy Rodriguez, center) to let Medea (Sabina Zuniga Varela) make her a beautiful dress.
Mojada Photo2106And2266 750
(L) Medea (Sabina Zuniga Varela) holds her son Acan (Jahnangel Jimenez) close. (R) Armida (Vilma Silva) gives a final ultimatum to Medea (Sabina Zuniga Varela) an Tita (VIVIS) looks on.

All photos by Jenny Graham.

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