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PCS Remix: Commissions

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New plays are electric! They are a statement of our time, our evolution, our humanity. The PCS Remix: Commissions project was launched to lift up some of the most exciting voices in American theater while our stages are dark and to generate a wellspring of powerful offerings to draw from when theaters are able to welcome the community back into their houses once again. This program builds on PCS’s long-standing dedication to the critical work of developing and producing new works for the stage.

We are thrilled to announce the commissions of four new plays from celebrated writers Brittany K. Allen, Christina Anderson, Christopher Chen, and Portland-based Anya Pearson. A fifth commission is also in the works and will be announced in the coming months. Throughout the development process, PCS will offer the community fun opportunities to engage with these innovative playwrights.

“I am over the moon with joy to have these four brilliant, visionary playwrights under commission at PCS. As we wrestle with the continued challenges our field faces during the pandemic, I’m thrilled to invest in the voices of these four playwrights whose work will help chart a course for the company’s future.” –Marissa Wolf, Artistic Director

Brittany K. Allen

Brittany K. Allen

I'm so thrilled to be the recipient of a commission from Portland Center Stage this season. I believe so deeply in this theatre, and have already felt so held (and cajoled, and inspired) by the incredible arts community in Portland. I think this moment is one for radical imagining, and I'm excited to use this resource to daydream toward the future I want to be part of building; the better country, the better timeline. Narratives matter, and I'm glad for the provocation to push against the ones that have harmed our most vulnerable communities. The play I'm writing is in early stages still, but it's to do with socialist utopia, intersectional coalition building, the ways we find and nurture community as adults, and most definitely Black joy. Also, RVs? We'll see!”

Brittany K. Allen's Bio

Christina Anderson

​Christina Anderson​

Marissa is one of my favorite collaborators. I respect and appreciate her work and approach to creating theater, so when she invited me to write a commission for PCS, I leapt at the opportunity. American cities inspire much of my work. I look forward to creating a new piece that re-examines what it means to ‘stay at home’ in our present day.”

Christina Anderson's Bio

Christopher Chen

Christopher Chen

“I couldn't be more thrilled to reunite with Marissa Wolf. Marissa helped shape my career and voice as a playwright by shepherding two of my most significant early plays into existence. I am so excited to continue this most meaningful of collaborations!”

Christopher Chen's Bio

Anya Pearson

​Anya Pearson

“I am beyond honored to receive this commission from Portland Center Stage — and to be part of this amazing and formidable lineup of BIPOC playwrights. I feel truly blessed to be a storyteller: It is what anchors me when I am lost, what grounds me when I am scared, what soothes me when I am sad, and what helps me grapple with how to be better, do better, and better understand myself and my fellow humans. At its best, theatre is a collective breath, a universal heartbeat that extends a silent invitation to its audience: set down the artifice of the outside world; the many ways that our insecurities build walls around our willingness to engage in our shared humanity. We need theatre now more than ever! The collective breath, the joy, the vulnerability, the investigation of the soul, and the reimagining of what it means to gather, to hold space, and to dream of a better world for all of us.”

Anya Pearson's Bio

Portland Center Stage is committed to identifying & interrupting instances of racism & all forms of oppression, through the principles of inclusion, diversity, equity, & accessibility (IDEA).

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