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Vanessa Severo Artist

Regional Acting: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Frida … A Self Portrait, Sex with Strangers, Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, August Osage County, Cabaret, Lot’s Wife (KCRep) ...

A woman dressed as Frida Kahlo with flowers in her hair smiles as though smitten.

Vanessa Severo on OPB

OPB's "Think Out Loud" talked to writer and performer Vanessa Severo about the evolution of the show, and about the parallels she draws between Frida Kahlo’s life and her own experience as an artist and a person with a disability.

Preview image for Behind the Curtain: An Interview with Vanessa Severo

Behind the Curtain: An Interview with Vanessa Severo

In this 2019 interview, the writer and performer of Frida ... A Self Portrait unveils how she came to blend Kahlo’s life with her own experiences.

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Frida … A Self Portrait

October 9 – November 7, 2021

Set on the eve of Frida Kahlo’s death, this intimate show plunges into the brilliant, nuanced world of Kahlo’s tumultuous, extraordinary life. Brazilian writer and performer Vanessa Severo cracks open a powerful portal between herself and the celebrated Mexican painter, bringing breathtaking physicality and raw honesty to this stunningly creative production.

A woman dressed as Frida Kahlo with flowers in her hair smiles as though smitten.

Reviews of Frida ... A Self Portrait

"The back and forth between Kahlo’s and Severo’s stories is the edge that makes this a bigger story than a self-portrait of Kahlo or reflection of the author. It broadens the reach of what we all have in common with one another." - Oregon ArtsWatch

Preview image for From the Director: Joanie Shultz

From the Director: Joanie Shultz

The director of Frida ... A Self Portrait discusses Frida Kahlo's legacy as a woman and historical figure, and reflects on how writer/performer Vanessa Severo finds the truth of Frida's humanity while exploring her own.

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Frida's Paintings

There are six Frida Kahlo paintings represented in Vanessa's performance, can you figure out which ones? Discover one hundred of Frida's works and try to spot the ones in the show!

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Frida ... A Self Portrait Plot Summary

Here is a brief summary of Frida ... A Self Portrait. 

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