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Behind the Scenes: "His Eye is on the Sparrow"

February 1, 2017

The set for His Eye on the Sparrow includes a large abstract mural depicting the life of Ethel Waters. Painted by hand by Portland artist Elecia Beebe, the mural was created from an illustration by Scenic Designer Scott Bradley and took over 80 hours to complete.

Sparrow Bts Mural1 750
Sparrow Bts Mural2 750
Sparrow Bts Mural3 750

Designed to look like a traveling show, the set was intentionally created with visible seams and nail holes to give the impression of an aged and weathered revival tent.

Sparrow Bts Mural4 750
Sparrow Bts Mural5 750

Shawn Mallory sprays the floor with a husdon sprayer to create the look of an old dance floor.

Sparrow Bts Mural7 750

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