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Behind the Scenes of "Winter Song"

Posted 08 November 2017

This winter, holiday story and song will fill the Ellyn Bye Studio. Truman Capote’s tender holiday tale, A Christmas Memory, will be paired with Winter Song, an original presentation of music and storytelling created by the brilliant singer Merideth Kaye Clark and The Armory’s own Brandon Woolley with music direction from Mont Chris Hubbard. Merideth and the creative team began developing this cozy new show this past March and we've been documenting their progress ever since.

Winter Song Rehearsal3 750
l-r: Merideth Kaye Clark, Brandon Woolley and Mont Chris Hubbard in rehearsal for "Winter Song."
Winter Song Rehearsal7 750
A professional musician in her own right, Merideth Kaye Clark brings the warmth of folk to the show with an acoustic guitar.
Winter Song Rehearsal1 750
Music director, accompanist and composer of the original underscore music, Mont Chris Hubbard goes over music with Merideth Kaye Clark
Winter Song Rehearsal2 750
When he's not directing, Brandon Woolley (right) is The Armory's producing associate and is an integral member of the artistic staff.
Winter Song Rehearsal4 750
A duet: Mont Chris Hubbard on the piano while Merideth Kaye Clark sings and plays guitar.
Winter Song Rehearsal5 750
Director Brandon Woolley and Merideth Kaye Clark in rehearsal.
Winter Song Rehearsal6 750
Old family photos and keywords on note cards serve as inspiration when developing this new work.
Winter Song Rehearsal8 750
Director Brandon Woolley, Merideth Kaye Clark and Mont Chris Hubbard in rehearsal.
Winter Song Rehearsal9 750
Mont Chris Hubbard and Merideth Kaye Clark in rehearsal for "Winter Song."
Winter Song Rehearsal10 750
Merideth Kaye Clark sings with Mont Chris Hubbard on piano.

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