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Hey there, time traveler! Thanks for coming! Please enjoy, but be aware that the entry below is getting on in years and might have some out-of-date info or links. Be sure to visit our home page for the latest news and events at PCS.

Resource Guide: The World of the Play

Constellations 750X414


  • Tesco honey
    • Tesco is a British value supermarket. They recently moved away from the blue and white “prison stripe” because customers saw the branding as cheap. Tesco honey could run as low as £1.45.
  • Wiltshire
    • A county in South West England. While mostly rural, Wiltshire has a large manufacturing sector in the north.
  • Tower Hamlets
    • A borough of London, located in the city’s center. Host to the world headquarters of many global financial institutions, as well as one of the most diverse populations in the city (largely comprised of Bangladeshi and Somali). The neighborhood is becoming increasingly gentrified and popular.
  • Theoretical early universe cosmology
    • As one cosmologist put it, the job entails “studying the birth and fate of the universe.” Cosmologists study many types of data, including radiation and cosmic background radiation—the heat leftover from the Big Bang.
  • Quantum cosmology
    • In theoretical physics, the attempt to develop a theory that applies to the first phases of the universe. Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity fails to explain material on the quantum level.
  • String Theory
    • A theory which supposes that particles are replaced by strings, and explains how those strings manifest themselves through space to create material.
  • Multiverse
    • A theory which posits that the Big Bang caused space-time to expand at different rates in different places, creating bubble universes that operate differently than our own.
  • Brighton
    • A coastal town in East Sussex, about 15 minutes from the University.
  • Budgens
    • A chain of convenience stores in London that prides itself on stocking local fresh goods.
  • Crouch End
    • A neighborhood of the Haringey borough in north-central London, known for its village-like feel and creative scene. Crouch End does indeed house a Budgens (see image to the right).
  • XMM Cluster Theory
    • A collaboration of U.K researchers using data from the XMM-Newton satellite to find galaxy clusters which will hopefully reveal information about the evolution of the universe.
  • Heather Moors
    • Most likely a reference to North York Moors, a National Park about 2 hours north of England featuring wild Heather.
  • DVLA
    • The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, equivalent to the DMV in America.
  • Ted Hopper
    • British bee keeper and author of Bees & Honey, a standard text recommended by the British Beekeeper’s Association as part of the course syllabus to become a beekeeper.
  • Brain tumor frontal lobe
    • The frontal lobe encompasses the front part of the brain, and is responsible for the ability to predict future consequences, as well as storing long-term memory.
  • Gliblastoma multiforme
    • Among the most common and most aggressive malignant brain tumors. Treatment can include surgery or chemotherapy, but about 50% of patients die within one year, while 90% within three years.
  • Garrote
    • To strangle someone, typically with a wire or cord.
  • Euthanasia abar mix with water
    • A “barbiturate,” a class of drugs that act as central nervous system inhibitors, and commonly as anesthetics in euthanasia to reduce pain and stress in the patient.

MAPS of Tower Hamlets

Closer look at Tower Hamlets

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is a London borough to the east of the City of London and north of the River Thames

The Lost Art of Offline Dating

By Ashley Strickland, CNN, February 12, 2013

It's as simple as making eye contact and flashing a smile or knowing when to back off and stop talking so much. Social cues. Body language. Basic conversation. They make up the toolkit for meeting new people. But for those whose romantic realm is constructed entirely through social media and online dating, these intuitions might be eroding away.

"People have an easier time picking out an emoticon to display the emotion they are feeling rather than actually showing it on their face," Blake Eastman, body language expert and founder of The Nonverbal Group, said.

"Unfortunately, for the past 10 years, people have been really confident behind the computer keyboard, but then you see them in person and things are very different."

Dating coach and author Adam LoDolce has a simple solution: meet people organically. But the paralyzing fear of rejection often can make us long for the distance technology offers.

To help people overcome the anxiety of approaching someone new, LoDolce made a 45-minute film including his advice: "Go Talk to Her." Like Eastman, he believes that people are killing off social skills by hiding behind a glowing screen of information that offers no chemistry.

"People want to go back to the day where you're sitting at a coffee shop, make eye contact and there is this mysterious moment where you don't know each other," LoDolce said. "Online dating is one tool in the tool kit, but I think we as a society are seeing that there is still a real way to meet people."

Anti-social media

Users mistake social media for being social. It isn't, Eastman said. Instead it creates a group of people that are highly connected online but feel socially isolated.

"We feel that we don't need to look people in the eyes to communicate anymore -- a keystroke has replaced that look," Eastman said. "But at the end of the day, we're designed for human contact, not a computer screen."

Online daters and social media users easily fall into a new way of communicating. Instead of the rules and social norms used in face-to-face meeting, they create ones for digital interfacing. But the rules are looser and harder to enforce, Patricia Wallace, psychologist and author of "The Psychology of the Internet," said.

Psychologists highlight pitfalls of online dating

"When you're in front of a computer or an iPad, you're not interacting with a human face," Wallace said. "All of the millennia of evolution that helped us learn how to read all of the nuances to do that choreography of conversation aren't there."

Social media also allows "loose ties" with acquaintances and low-risk ways of communicating. The fear of rejection when someone doesn't answer a Facebook message lacks the impact of an ignored phone call, according to Wallace. But a general lack of satisfaction is perhaps the most noticeable effect of online dating.

"Online dating is like a buffet," Marni Battista, founder and CEO of Dating with Dignity, said. "People are ruling out more than they're ruling in. After a date, they go home, get online and look for someone else. We're in this digital instant gratification age, and there is no patience for the dating process."

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