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Reviews of "Kodachrome"

Posted 13 February 2018

Kodachrome Production Banner

Tina Chilip as The Waitress and Ryan Vincent Anderson as The Policeman in Kodachrome.

A Living Photo Album of Romantic Vignettes
"Kodachrome is somewhere between an ensemble love story, a mischievous comedy and a supernatural dream." -Willamette Week

Love's Blurred Lines
"The fine cast of Kodachrome makes quick, punchy work of the play's rapid-fire scene changes under Riordan's usual sharp direction."  –The Oregonian

A Photographic Journey of Being Human
"It's tender and poignant and awkward and funny all at the same time - you know, just like life." BroadwayWorld

A Play About Love
"This is a beautiful play – understated, tricky, often humorous, and universal. ... Everyone in this show delivers wonderful performances." Judy Nedry Reviews

Love, Living and Loss
"This story harkens back to a time and place in our Pasts and gives us a glimpse of the make-up of people stripped of all the trappings of an electronic world ... And the performances were top-notch." Dennis Sparks Reviews

"Kodachrome captures the nostalgic pull of photography ... the play intermixes moments of gut-wrenching sadness with lighthearted humor, all while forcing the audience to pause and confront each emotion with the click of a shutter." -Portland Mercury

What people are saying on Facebook:

“Fun, enjoyable, thought provoking all in one.”

“Whimsical, funny, and then suddenly so moving.”

“Excellent play! I loved it!” 

"I felt so many different emotions during the play and loved having a Q&A with the cast after. Wonderful."

"Funny, smart, and touching."

"Excellent production. Very moving."

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