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Preview image for Kamilah Bush

Kamilah Bush Artist

Kamilah is a dramaturg, playwright, and educator originally from North Carolina. She holds a B.F.A. in Theater Education from UNC-Greensboro. Most recently, she served as the artistic assistant at Two ...

Kamilah Bush Literary Manager

Preview image for PCS Welcomes New Literary Manager Kamilah Bush

PCS Welcomes New Literary Manager Kamilah Bush

PCS has hired Kamilah Bush as our new literary manager, following a nationwide search.

Preview image for Jonathan Larson: Life & Work

Jonathan Larson: Life & Work

Learn about Jonathan Larson's childhood, education, and career path. 

Headshots of actor Jamie Sanders and autism consultant/actor Troy Sawyer

Behind the Curtain: Spotlight on Jamie & Troy

Literary Manager Kamilah Bush sat down with actor Jamie Sanders and autism consultant — and actor in his own right — Troy Sawyer.

Vintage photo of four performers putting on a radio broadcast, including one man striking an object to produce sound effects.

Behind the Curtain: It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

PCS Literary Manager Kamilah Bush talks to Phil Johnson and Matt Rowning, the sound design and composition team, about bringing this unique experience to life.

Headshot of playwright Lauren Yee

Behind the Curtain: Spotlight on Lauren Yee

Literary Manager Kamilah Bush spoke to playwright Lauren Yee about her inspirations and the personal connections that led her to write The Great Leap.

Preview image for *Frida ... A Self Portrait* Plot Summary

Frida ... A Self Portrait Plot Summary

Here is a brief summary of Frida ... A Self Portrait. 

Preview image for The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War

Background, escalation and legacy of the war.

A two-image collage showing detail from the Hedwig set design model on the right and detail of a Hedwig costume design drawing on the left.

Behind the Curtain: Spotlight on Design

Britton Mauk and Dominique Fawn Hill, the scenic and costume designers of Hedwig, respectively, chat with Kamilah Bush, PCS’s literary manager, about their approaches to design and this bold take on Hedwig.

Black and white photos of Stephen Sondheim and Jonathan Larson on a black and yellow abstract background.

Behind the Curtain: Larson & Sondheim

When theater's cherished composer Stephen Sondheim met Jonathan Larson, he took the young tick, tick ... BOOM! creator under his wing. PCS Literary Manager Kamilah Bush explores their relationship and Sondheim's candid thoughts from a New York Times interview written just months after Larson's death.

Preview image for *It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play* Plot Summary

It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play Plot Summary

Spoiler alert! A brief overview of It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play. 

The original DJ Kool Herc party flyer, hand-written on notebook paper in pencil and black ink.

“And You Don’t Stop” — The Enduring Legacy of Hip Hop

If you happened to be in the Bronx on August 11, 1973, and you had a few quarters in your pocket, you may have become a witness to a world-changing event. At a Back to School Jam hosted in the rec room of his apartment complex, DJ Kool Herc, a teenage Jamaican immigrant, singularly invented a new art form that would evolve into a global phenomenon.

Preview image for A Brief History of Christmas

A Brief History of Christmas

Though Christmas, in some form, has been celebrated since about AD 336, what many modern people consider a "traditional" Christmas began in the Victorian era. Learn more about how the traditions of Christmas have changed over time. 

Preview image for 136 Years of Holmes & Watson

136 Years of Holmes & Watson

With his groundbreaking fictional crime-fighting duo, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created what many consider to be the first modern “fandom.” Holmes and Watson are the most adapted characters in British literature — with thousands of pastiches across all manner of media.

A man wearing headphones stands at a radio microphone, reading aloud from a script on a music stand, one hand raised dramatically.

100 Years of Radio Drama

Although we are used to seeing plays on a stage, some early theatrical performances took place over radio. Learn more about the origins of radio plays and their relevance to this day.

Preview image for Kansas: A Background of the Play's Setting

Kansas: A Background of the Play's Setting

Learn more about the development of the state of Kansas and the origin of Beacon, Kansas. 

A lit, red wax candle, long and slender, that has been twisted into the shape of a red AIDS Awareness ribbon.

AIDS, Arts, & Activism

Learn about the history of the AIDS epidemic, including the cultural responses that exist to this day.  

Floor-to-ceiling view of an ornate opera house with seated audience members in the foreground and performers on stage.

La Bohéme to Rent: Legacies

Rent is loosely based on the opera La Bohème, composed by Giacomo Puccini. Learn more about the story of La Bohéme and its connection to Rent. 

Preview image for Queerness & Christianity

Queerness & Christianity

There are several key Bible scriptures that have been interpreted as anti-gay and are used as the basis for the rhetoric that homosexuality is a sin. It should be noted that all of these interpretations are also resting on translation from the original languages that the Bible was written in. This features takes a deeper look into the history between Queerness & Christianity.  

A busy Manhattan street in the evening, framed by lit shop windows and high-rise apartment buildings.

Alphabet City

Alphabet City is a neighborhood in the East Village of Manhattan. Learn more about the history of this area and the many arts and activist movements that took place there.

A man stands to the right of a poster advertising tickets to Rent at NY Theatre Workshop with a notice in red that says "Sold Out."

Thank You, Jonathan Larson: 25 Years of Rent

More than 25 years after Jonathan Larson's death and the original cast's first preview performance of Rent, both of which occurred on January 25, 1996, the world still has Jonathan to thank for his contributions to the living canon of musical theater.

Preview image for Rent Plot Summary

Rent Plot Summary

Spoiler alert! A brief overview of Rent.

Preview image for *tick, tick … BOOM!* Plot Summary

tick, tick … BOOM! Plot Summary

Spoiler alert! A brief overview of tick, tick … BOOM!

Preview image for Origins & Inspirations for *It’s a Wonderful Life*

Origins & Inspirations for It’s a Wonderful Life

Learn about the works that had an influence on the creation of It's a Wonderful Life.  

Preview image for Diving Deep: How Pool Segregation Sprung a Movement

Diving Deep: How Pool Segregation Sprung a Movement

Since the first public pool was opened in Boston in 1868, there have been strict regulations on who can and cannot share the water.

Vintage photo of a group of Black men and women seated and standing, wearing late 19th-century clothing.

The Songs That Held Us Up

The music in Choir Boy, which could be categorized as Negro spirituals and folk songs, marries enduring legacies and living history, passed through the oral tradition of Africans in America. The power of this legacy cannot be overstated.

A full-color scale model of the scenic design for Gem of the Ocean, with scale-sized figures of people in the exposed interior of a house.

The Century Cycle

Beginning in 1904 with Gem of the Ocean and ending in 1997 with Radio Golf, August Wilson's 10-play American Century Cycle charts the lived experience of African Americans throughout the 20th century. Learn more about each of these plays and their connection to one another. 

Painting of a distressed woman kneeling over the prone body of a man. In the background is a marble fountain featuring a cupid sculpture.

A Most Lamentable Comedy: The Play-Within-a-Play

Although he may not have invented it, Shakespeare famously employed the "play-within-a-play" in several of his works. See how the Bard used this metatheatrical device in A Midsummer Night's Dream to both reference and parody a classical Ovidian myth.

Preview image for World of the Play: 19th Century English Society

World of the Play: 19th Century English Society

A brief overview of the history, culture, and society of the Victorian era in Great Britain provides context for Dracula: A Feminist Revenge Fantasy, Really.

Preview image for A Synopsis of *Coriolanus*

A Synopsis of Coriolanus

Beware spoilers! Primarily based on Plutarch's account of a legendary Roman general, Shakespeare's Coriolanus is a dramatic tale of war, politics, and betrayal.

A young woman stands speaking demonstratively, holding up a paper in one hand, as an older woman seated at a small writing desk looks on.


What the Constitution Means to Me features a live debate. Debate is an ancient form of competitive discourse that can take many forms.

A woman stands with one hand on her hip and one hand to her forehead, partially covering her closed eyes.

Intimate Partner & Family Violence

In What the Constitution Means to Me, the main character, Heidi, describes several instances of domestic violence and violence towards women. The following information was provided to the creative team at our first rehearsal.

Smiling men and women wearing black robes pose side-by-side in a wood-paneled room; image is cropped so only 6 of 9 justices are visible.

Women’s Rights Movements

At the core of What the Constitution Means to Me is the lack of explicit inclusion of women's rights in the U.S. Constitution. Often called the Feminist Movement, the pursuit of women’s rights has taken several “waves” as the needs of women have evolved over time.

Smiling men and women wearing black robes pose side-by-side in a wood-paneled room; image is cropped so only 6 of 9 justices are visible.

The Supreme Court

As background for What the Constitution Means to Me, read about the origins, role, powers, and current makeup of the United States Supreme Court.

The first page of the U.S. Constitution on yellowed parchment cropped to highlight the words "We the People" and a portion of Article I.

The United States Constitution

A brief history and description of America's founding document, to help you prepare for What the Constitution Means to Me.

A banner that reads "Women's Rights are Human Rights" hangs on fence in front of the U.S. Capitol building.

“Of Every Age, Sex and Condition:” Women and the Constitution

From the beginning of this country, there have been discussions of gender and race as it pertains to lawmaking. For more than 100 years, a proposed amendment to the Constitution has been awaiting ratification to solidify equal rights for women.

Preview image for Dracula & Vampirism: A History

Dracula & Vampirism: A History

How to stop a vampire — and other useful background on Dracula and the history of vampirism. A must-read for all aspiring vampire hunters!

A man stands in the foreground as water falls on his head; another person stands staring forward in the foreground, a magic aura around them

Behind the Curtain: Spotlight on Aunt Ester

Over the course of approximately 26 years, Wilson wrote one play for each decade in the 20th century. At the center of this tapestry stands Aunt Ester, the character which Wilson himself deemed the most significant in his plays.

Preview image for Get your head in the game!

Get your head in the game!

Learn a little about basketball and some of the lingo you'll encounter as you watch The Great Leap.

Preview image for *The Great Leap* Plot Summary

The Great Leap Plot Summary

Spoiler alert! A brief overview of The Great Leap. 

Preview image for A Brief History of Police Violence

A Brief History of Police Violence

Police violence in America can be traced all the way back to the 1700s. Read more to learn about the progression and changes between the early 1700s and now. 

Preview image for Gem of the Ocean Plot Summary

Gem of the Ocean Plot Summary

Spoiler alert! A brief overview of Gem of the Ocean. 

Preview image for Rodney King, the L.A. Riots, and the Aftermath

Rodney King, the L.A. Riots, and the Aftermath

Learn about who Rodney King is and the impact this incident sparked in 1991. 

A gathering of young, long-haired war protesters on a city sidewalk are bordered by a row of armed soldiers along the adjacent street.

1968: The Year that Changed the World

1968 saw the peak of political unrest in all corners of the world. In America, resistance became a way of existence for many citizens, and new musicals of the era like HAIR brought the explicit and present politics of the moment roaring on stage.

Preview image for The Hill District

The Hill District

The Hill District is a 1.4-square-mile section of Pittsburgh that has been predominantly African American since the 19th century. This small strip of Pittsburgh is where a majority of the Century Cycle Plays are located. To understand more, read to explore where these plays come from!

Preview image for Hair: A History

Hair: A History

A quick look at the original creative team, early productions and the musical's lasting legacy.

Preview image for Shakespeare’s Collaborators: Sean San Jose & Rosa Joshi

Shakespeare’s Collaborators: Sean San Jose & Rosa Joshi

Meet the theater artists whose collaborative creativity in adapting Shakespeare's words brought this unique production of Coriolanus to life.

Preview image for Shakespeare's England

Shakespeare's England

With booming trade, increasing incomes, and a swelling population facing plagues and uncertain food supplies, England during the time of Shakespeare was an era of both prosperity and mortality.

Preview image for The World of the Play: Coriolanus' Rome

The World of the Play: Coriolanus' Rome

Situated on the Tiber River in central Italy, Rome grew from a city to an empire over the course of centuries. Sort out myth from fact with this primer on the historical setting of Shakespeare's Coriolanus.

The Importance of Being Earnest, in an irregular magenta font on a grungy background of yellow, crinkled-paper texture.

The Importance of Being Earnest

June 1 – 29, 2025

A world-premiere adaptation! What’s in a name? For some people — everything. A new, exciting spin on an old classic, this adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s satire sparkles with wit and whimsy. To become the gentlemen they believe they’re meant to be, Jack and Algernon must live double lives. Country mice and city mice collide in this comedy that will woo you from the very start!

Preview image for *the ripple, the wave that carried me home* Plot Summary

the ripple, the wave that carried me home Plot Summary

Spoiler alert! A brief overview of the ripple, the wave that carried me home.

Preview image for A Conversation with Playwright Lauren Yee & Director Desdemona Chiang

A Conversation with Playwright Lauren Yee & Director Desdemona Chiang

PCS Literary Manager Kamilah Bush sat down with long-time collaborators playwright Lauren Yee and director Desdemona Chiang for a conversation about their relationship, developing new work, and bringing the world premiere of Young Americans to life.

Preview image for An Interview with Playwright Kate Hamill

An Interview with Playwright Kate Hamill

PCS Literary Manager Kamilah Bush talked to Dracula: A Feminist Revenge Fantasy, Really writer Kate Hamill about "monster" stories, the fun of horror, and reclaiming classic stories as a feminist playwright.

Preview image for Production History & Trivia for *Coriolanus*

Production History & Trivia for Coriolanus

Written between 1605-1608, Coriolanus is based on Plutarch's account of a Roman general and may have been inspired by a period of civil unrest in Shakespeare's era. In more recent times, actors from Morgan Freeman to Ian McKellen to Tom Hiddleston have played the title role in notable productions.

Preview image for The Bells That Still Can Ring

The Bells That Still Can Ring

On Demand through January 3, 2021

A devised film offering to lead us from darkness to light! This piece is part of PCS Remix: Original Works.

Preview image for An Interview with Jillian Snow and David Saffert

An Interview with Jillian Snow and David Saffert

PCS Literary Manager Kamilah Bush spoke to the creators and performers of Liberace & Liza Holiday at the Mansion (A Tribute) about their collaboration, their creative backgrounds, and their obsessions with the larger-than-real-life celebrities who inspired their stage personas.

Preview image for Summerfield Estates

Summerfield Estates

June 25-27, 2021

Imagine waking up in a strange place with no memory of how you got there or who you are. Step into the shoes of Mouser, a special agent of dubious background, who wakes up on the bathroom floor of a retirement community and must rely entirely on the decisions made by the audience to figure out what she's doing there and how to get out! Help craft the story in this techno/select-your-own-adventure/sci-farce created by Ashley Song Mellinger. Streamed live and changing in real-time, Summerfield Estates invites you on a thrilling, hilarious journey that you’ll want to take again and again.

Preview image for *The Music Man* Staged Reading

The Music Man Staged Reading

May 7 & 8 at 7:30 p.m.

Only two chances to catch this exploration of the classic musical! 
Con man Harold Hill means to make a quick buck and be on his way, but when he brings music to a small, conservative town, it bursts open the imaginations and hearts of everyone in it  — including Harold himself! This staged reading will investigate the surprising central love story between Harold Hill and Marian Paroo, whose worlds are turned upside down when they find connection in the midst of a glorious upheaval.

Preview image for PROTOCOL: Episode 1

PROTOCOL: Episode 1

March 9 – April 4, 2021

When an unexpected tragedy befalls the crew aboard space cruiser Elegua IV, they are thrust into a thrilling mystery which threatens their mission to preserve humanity. Conceived by Portland artist Phil Johnson, this science fiction audio experience explores how the systems we trust may not always be on our side.

The Theater Lover's Bash
Apr 13

Revel in a night full of entertainment as we celebrate where theater comes from, and where it’s going! Enjoy delicious bites from local caterers, a one-night-only production, cash bar, dessert, celebratory dancing, wine wall, paddle raises and bid frenzy activities. All to support PCS!

Preview image for Reviews of *Dracula, A Feminist Revenge Play*

Reviews of Dracula, A Feminist Revenge Play

"[Dracula: A Feminist Revenge Fantasy, Really is] a lively and entertaining horror production that feels unexpectedly perfect for the dark days of our holiday season." —Portland Mercury

"Dracula is full of insights about power—how to use it, and how to fight it.  It’s not typical holiday ...

A man drives a car as a woman in the passenger seat looks excitedly at an open map. The title "Young Americans" appears below.

Young Americans

February 11 – March 26, 2023

With Bowie blaring from a mixtape, two road trips veer back and forth in time, as an upbeat father and his jaded daughter take a journey that mirrors the father’s life-changing road trip 20 years earlier.

Preview image for Reviews of *Young Americans*

Reviews of Young Americans

"We saw this author’s King of the Yees and loved it. Came into this show with good expectations and really enjoyed it. The watching experience was full of what brings you to live theatre. The man who plays the husband/father inhabited the writing with a life and ...

The title "Ms. Holmes & Ms. Watson – Apt. 2B" above a Victorian door with a frosted window revealing the silhouettes of two women.

Ms. Holmes & Ms. Watson – Apt. 2B

January 14 – February 12, 2023

A bold, feminist take on the iconic crime-fighting duo! This wonderfully farcical comedy packs non-stop laughs and crime-fighting hijinks galore.

Five people on stale in colorful outfits, all holding microphones and one holding a guitar.

It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

November 19 – December 24, 2022

This heartwarming journey of community triumph is reimagined for the stage as a live radio broadcast complete with a stellar cast, gorgeous music, lavish costumes, and — of course — George Bailey!

Preview image for Reviews of *Where We Belong*

Reviews of Where We Belong

"I learned so much about indigenous people and their struggles, and to be honest, I thought I was already well-informed. [Jessica Ranville] was amazing. I didn't know what to expect, but I'd frame the show as a history lesson everyone needs to hear."

"Very powerful ...

The title "A Midsummer Night’s Dream," green foliage, and flowers frame a couple frolicking hand in hand, silhouetted by a large, full moon.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

June 3 – July 2, 2023

One of Shakespeare’s most popular comedies! This beguiling odyssey in an enchanted forest on a very magical midsummer night reminds us that “the course of true love never did run smooth” — so watch your step!

A man and woman smiling and holding hands in a dance pose, in front of a tile background lit by projected water-ripple effects.

the ripple, the wave that carried me home

October 8 – 30, 2022

Drawing on history, this deeply moving story explores the joys and challenges of forgiveness, justice, and family legacy, as a young woman reconciles a childhood she has tried to forget.

The play title above a woman's raised fist gripping a scrolled copy of the U.S. Constitution.

What the Constitution Means to Me

January 20 – February 18, 2024

Filled with humor and history, this Pulitzer Prize finalist asks what the Constitution truly means. Heidi Schreck defended the Constitution as a teen in debates, but now she’s investigating its impact on four generations of women in her family.

The title "tick, tick ... BOOM!" with a birthday cake that has been nearly flattened by a large, cartoonish bomb among the candles.

tick, tick … BOOM!

August 20 – September 18, 2022

The hilarious, feel-good origin story of Rent! Jonathan Larson cracks open the ticking-time-bomb world of creating theater to celebrate the power of finding your voice and holding on to a dream.

The title "Choir Boy" above a Black man in a suit and a young Black man in a school uniform talking animatedly in front of a white column.

Choir Boy

April 15 – May 14, 2023

An exhilarating coming-of-age story from the Academy Award-winning writer of Moonlight. A young, queer student leads the choir at his elite school — and seeks to march to his own drum.

The title "August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean" in blue and white above a photo of a man surrounded by water and blue light, hand outstretched

August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean

March 5 – April 3, 2022

An iconic story of freedom, justice, and salvation from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Fences. Pittsburgh, 1904: Amidst boiling racial tensions, Citizen Barlow arrives at the home of Aunt Ester, a 285-year-old healer, who helps him seek redemption from a mistake that’s cost another man his life. Aunt Ester sends Citizen on a powerful, mystical journey to the City of Bones in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean — where he must understand the past in order to forge his own future.

The play's title above a pair of bicycle handlebars adorned with a horse's skull and a bed pan.

Quixote Nuevo

March 2 – 31, 2024

In this modern twist on Don Quixote, a professor imagines himself as Cervantes’ titular hero and sets out for his long-lost love. Featuring vibrant Spanish-infused music and language, this magical retelling spotlights Tejano culture and celebrates life, love, and the human spirit.

The word CORIOLANUS above a woman in Roman soldier garb, on her knees, looking exhausted as if from battle.


April 20 – May 19, 2024

Shakespeare’s tragedy about the war hero Coriolanus and the fight between the elite and the deprived masses will be fueled by a dynamic female and non-binary ensemble with a muscular, movement-focused staging.

The play title above the silhouette of a woman in a long western coat and hat, carrying a wooden stake dripping with blood.

Dracula: A Feminist Revenge Fantasy, Really

November 26 – December 24, 2023

Bouncing between horror and humor, this thrilling adaptation questions who the true monsters are. Fierce, feminist, and frightening, Dracula is a revenge fantasy worth sinking your teeth into!

The word "Rent" in red stylized as graffiti on a black & white brick wall with other graffiti reading "no more rent" and "silence = death."


June 1 – July 10, 2022

Don’t miss this sensational, iconic musical hot off its 25th Anniversary! Rent took Broadway by storm with its deeply resonant look at a deadly virus, financial precarity, and love as a radical act. As a group of young artists fights for justice and visibility during the AIDS crisis, they revel in the beautiful bonds of friendship and chosen family. With its profound message of joy and hope in the face of uncertainty, this timeless musical reminds us to measure our lives with the only thing that truly matters — love.

Preview image for Gala

February 26, 2022

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our virtual gala on February 26, 2022. We are so deeply grateful for the outpouring of support!

The word HAIR above the smiling face of a Black woman with a full afro.


September 30 – November 5, 2023

Let the sunshine in! This revolutionary rock musical follows a group of counter-culturalists whose worlds are shaken by a draft notice for the Vietnam War. HAIR reminds us that our collective voice is a powerful tool for change!

Casting & Script Submission


36th Season 

January 2, 2024 Media Release: What the Constitution Means to Me runs January 20 - February  18

October 19, 2023 Media Release: Dracula: A Feminist Revenge Fantasy, Really runs November 26 - December 24

October 12, 2023 Media Release: Liberace & Liza at the Mansion ...

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